For the last 10 yrs Utility Tar Projects invested substantially in obtaining assets to be utilized on projects, to such an extent, that there is seldom a need to hire external plant to execute projects.

Due to this investment in obtaining assets owned and maintained by Utility Tar Projects it contributed to the goal of delivering a quality service, on time and within budget in an exceptionally competitive market.

To date Utility Tar Projects owns 118 plant items. The plant rages from small hand operated machinery to larger plant items used in the Earthworks, Civil, Building and Industrial Cleaning Industry.

Utility Tar Projects also has a dedicate Plant Management Department that oversees the operations and maintenance of all Utility Tar Projects and equipment.

Utility Tar Projects furthermore invested in a workshop, located in Kempton Park, where our plant and equipment are serviced and repaired.

Currently Utility Tar Projects is investing in the plant hire department and purchased a further three wet and dry vacuum trucks with the intent of releasing these units into the hiring market.